SDUFEX 2015 Call For Entries

Rules and Guidelines

This is a call for entries for the 2015 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX), that will take place Friday and Saturday evenings, October 9th and 10th, 2015 at the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall in San Diego, California. 

This is your opportunity to see your work projected in a High Definition format in a state of the art venue on a 30’ screen.  An independent panel of distinguished judges will select the approximately 30 films to be shown during the two night event.  There is no entry fee!   Filmmakers whose films are selected are encouraged to come to the show and introduce their film(s) in person on the night of the exhibition. 

Below are the 2015 SDUFEX Entry Guidelines and Rules:

SDUFEX now uses an all-digital video entry submission process.  This means that video tapes will no longer be accepted. 

Please submit your video as a high resolution H.264 file that has been archived (copied) to a data DVD disk or via internet file transfer (details below). 

Nearly every video editing program in use today has a way to export a high quality H.264 encoding of a video from that program.  There are also a number of stand-alone video encoding programs that you can use.   When you export your video, please keep your video file image size (resolution) the same as that of your original edited video (for instance, 1920x1080, 1440x1080, 1280x720, etc.).  If your video is originally in 4K, please submit an HD down-conversion.  The film festival venue has state-of-the art hardware that we will use to present your video in the best possible venue projection and viewing resolution. Apple’s Quicktime (.mov) files use a version of H.264 and they may be submitted to SDUFEX. 

If your software allows you to set your actual bit rate for the H.264 export, we encourage you to use a bit rate setting between 20 and 30 Mbits/second. 

Our preferred method of receiving entries this year is to receive a link to your film from which we can download your entry.  You can use any service you prefer such as your Dropbox account, YouSendIt, etc., to upload your film, and then send us the link from which we can download your film entry when it's ready for us to download for the judging.  Please send the link to Mike Miller at 

Should you decide to submit your entry as a H.264 file on a data DVD, please make sure that the H.264 video file can fit on a single data DVD disk (4.3GB).  Only single-sided, single-layered DVDs may be submitted.   Please note, this is a Data DVD, it is not a self-playing DVD and it is not a Blue Ray DVD.  Send the DVD to:

San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition

c/o Michael Miller

4777 Ladner Street

San Diego, CA  92113-3544


You may enter up to two films per filmmaker.  If submitting on a data DVD each film needs to be on its own DVD disk. 

All Filmmakers must submit information about their film(s) and themselves via email so that we have a digital copy of that information for the MCs to use.  So, in addition to your film we must receive an email from you with the following information (email this to

  1. 1The name of the film.

  2. 2The name of the filmmaker(s).

  3. 3A brief introduction of the film. (250 words or less)

  4. 4A brief introduction of the filmmaker(s) (250 words or less)

  5. 5A Contact email for the filmmaker(s)

  6. 6Whether you are submitting your film by link for download or on a disk as a H.264 file the following statement must be included at the end of this email (please cut and paste this into your email):

“By submitting this information via this email, along with the film specified above, to the 2015 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, I am declaring that all the above information is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I have all legal rights--including legal rights to the music--to submit this film for public screening at 2014 SDUFEX film exhibition.  My submission of this email is my verification as to the truth of its content, in lieu of a signature.”

Additional information, deadlines, and rules are listed below:

  1. Submission(s) must be postmarked no later than August 10th, 2015.

  2. Submissions will not be returned.

  3. No film should be longer than five minutes, and at least 50% of the footage should be underwater.

  4. Black Video Lead-In:   Record or add a one (1) second black lead-in at the front of your video.

  5. Marking:  if you are submitting a DVD, the disk should be marked with the filmmaker’s name and the name of the film.

  6. You must have the legal right to use all visual footage, images, audio, and music contained in your film.  You will be required to certify this in your entry email.

  7. Each entry must be accompanied by an emailed version of the Filmmaker Entry information.  Please send one email per submission--if you enter two films, submit two emails.

  8. Judges will not be permitted to submit films for consideration.

  9. The San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition reserves the right to use up to fifteen seconds from your film(s) for the promotion of this event and future events. All rights will remain with the producers of the films.

  10. Based upon our experience, judges do not like watermarks that appear during the whole film.  It is recommended that all credits and acknowledgements appear either at the beginning or end of your film.

Please send your entry links and emails to:

Michael Miller


Thanks for entering,

The SDUFEX Committee