2017 Program


Master of Ceremonies:
Andrea Stockert

Friday October 6  7 PM

Water Quotes by Leandro Blanco

La Palma Isla Azul by Alfonso Montes de oca Acosta

The Snake Eel and Squat Lobsters by Kay Burn Lim

The Pale Horse - Coral Apocalypse by Claudia Schmitt

The Significant Others by Anita and Guy Chaumette

Edge of the Sea by Shawn Mahoney

Stay With Us Part II by Dustin Adamson


Dolphin Dreams Short by Chisa Hidaka

RIP Ras il Hobs by Roy Davidson                

Mercy, Love, and Grace, The Story of Force Blue by Jim Hellemn

Cabo de Palos, Balcony to the Mediterranean by Ricardo Morer

Raja Ampat - Indonesia’s Great Diving Adventure by Claudia Schmitt

Cabo Pulmo Marine Protected Area by Bill Macdonald

Good Planet 2016 by Ron Lagerlof

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Saturday October 7  7 PM

Oceanic Aliens by Mike Johnson

I am Morgan: Stolen Freedom by Jeremie Collado

Barry the Blobfish by Marleia Alfaro

DESIRE by Vanessa Cara-Kerr
Florida Simply Paradise by Diane Randolph

Paradise Found: Journey to the Red Sea by Lee Burghard

Komodo and Beyond by Julie Oimet

The Legacy by Erick Higuera


Reflections of an Underwater Cameraman by Ken O’Sullivan

When You’re Gone by Leandro Blanco

Four Times the Philippines by Howard Hall

Maldives by Kay Burn Lim

Tubbataha, a National Treasure by Don Falsario II

Mobula Rays of Espiritu Santo by Elke Specker

El Nino, A Shifting Normal by Kyle McBurnie

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Thanks to our judges:  Bret Gilliam, Amanda Cotton, Bob Gladden, Jay Ireland, Gerogienne Bradley



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