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The schedule for the festival is:

Friday Oct 4th

Rolling in the Deep - Dauin (Dustin Adamson)

San Diego: The Blue Border (Roger Uzun)

We (Julie Ouimet)

The Spawn of the Snapper (Richard Brooks)

Paradise Found: The Island of  Dragons (Lee Burghard)

Whale Totem (Simone Piccoli)

Carry me Home (Florian Fischer)


Coral Reefs - Life Below the Surface (Claudia Schmitt)

The Hunt (Ulf Marquardt)

Ocean Swami: Sharks in Paradise (Elke Specker)

O From Below (Nikolas Konstantinou)

Growing Corals (Vanessa Cara-Kerr)

A Whale of A Tale (Pete Fowler)

Out of the Black & Into the Blue: Chapter #7.

     Philippines (Alex del Olmo)

Greenland ICE II - Arctic Ice Diving (Alexander Benedik)

Saturday Oct 5th

Vicky and the Whales (Nick and Cheryl Dean)

Bonaire (Jennifer ONeil)

Underture (Michael Boom)

Tropical Coral Reefs Under Pressure (Bent Yde Joergensen and                    Pernille Semiter)

Protecting Wakatobi's Coral Kingdom (Elke Specker)

Sex in the Seasons (Peter Mieras)

Rolling in the Deep - Dumaguete (Dustin Adamson)


Dark Waters With Richie Kohler (Evgeny Tomoshov and Richie Kohler)

Plastic Ocean (Sabrina Inderbitzi)

BC's True Colours (Peter Mieras)

A l'Ombre du Phare (Olivier Van den Broeck)

The Polar Portal (Caitlyn Webster)

Paradise Found: Kimbe Bay and the Coral Crucible (Lee Burghard)

The Magic Shores (Weiwei Gao)

Closest I Get (Florian Fischer)