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Program for In-Person Festival


Friday, October 6:

A Good Planet - Ron Lagerlof

Monad Shoal - Thummayut Wattanawongwan

Still Diving - Bob Yin

Creatures of Anilao - Rodrigo Echeverri

Heartbeat of the River - Eiko Jones

Tiger Shark King - Clayton Conn

Colour of Raja Ampat - Peter Loeseke


35 Miles - Howard Hall

Blackwater Cozumel - Walter Marti

Rolling in the Deep - Dustin Adamson

Baja - Christophe Weber

A Little Girl’s Dream - Cheryl & Nick Dean

Tadpoles - Maxwel Hohn

Saturday, October 7:

Squid Show - Howard Hall

Interconnected - Cristina Zenato 

Dangerous Journey - Sabrina Inderbitzi

My Name is Sam Pfoser - Sam Pfoser

White Whale - Weiwei Gao

Finding Salisbury - Andrew McGregor


Indonesia Blue - Fabian Guggenberger

Mangroves of Raja Ampat - Mattias Michael Edling

Bonaire Nightlife - Richard Schwerdtfeger

Diving in Triton Bay - Thummayut Wattanawongwan

Active Anilao - Walter Marti

Shark Delity - Alfred Schaschl

Strangest Things - Dustin Adamson


Many thanks to all of our filmmakers for making this possible


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